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From The Fool to the King of Pentacles and everyone in between, learn the meanings and significance of the symols in each card of the Tarot. Let's Go ›

The Fools Journey

Follow the story of The Fool on his journey through the cards of the tarot. Let's Go ›

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Major Arcana

Lessons & archetypal themes influencing life
Learn more about Major Arcana ›

Suit of Wands

Creativity & passion - Wands represent ideas and innovation, and an entrepreneurial spirit
Learn more about Wands ›

Suit of Cups

Matters of emotion, love, feelings, and dreams
Learn more about Cups ›

Suit of Swords

The mind & intellect - Swords cut to the heart of matters
Learn more about Swords ›

Suit of Pentacles

The physical & material world - health, finances, work, and creativity
Learn more about Pentacles ›