Having earned a victory, the main character sees himself or herself differently

XX: Judgement

Also known as: The Aeon
revival renewal resurrection evaluation invitation

Time when the rewards of past efforts appear. This is a period of summing-up, of a realization of what we have been doing and where we ourselves have created the future which now awaits us. This awakening is a clear perception of the extent to which we have been able to be true to ourselves. And for all our self-betrayals we ask for forgiveness and generosity, to drop our guilt-feelings and to find our self-value again. Through inspection and understanding we can forgive ourselves, here we are open for self-criticism and mutation, here mistakes and creative efforts of the past are gathered together to form the future - the beginnings of a more responsible and complete personality. The judge is inside us, not outside in the world.
Inverse: Self-made-prison.



  • Receiving a wake-up call.
  • Discovering a new purpose in life.
  • Becoming totally and completely yourself.
  • Receiving a well-deserved reward.
  • Passing an evaluation or examination.
  • Welcoming the start of a new phase of life.
  • Shadow

    • Being weighed in the balances and found wanting.
    • Failing to measure up to a well-defined standard.
    • Being caught goofing off or misbehaving.
    • Failing to prepare for an examination you know is coming.
    • Rejecting an opportunity to reinvent yourself.
    • Symbolism


      In the apocalyptic visions of the Book of Revelation, Gabriel summons the dead from their slumber with a blast of his trumpet. In your situation, who needs a wake-up call?

      The crossed banner

      In Tarot: History, Symbolism, and Divination, scholar Robert Place identifies this as Constantine's victory flag. "When held by Christ or Gabriel, it represents victory over death." How would your life change if you put a fear of death or loss aside?

      The resurrected dead

      In both the Marseilles and RWS-influenced cards, the risen show only positive emotions. The trumpet call liberates and re-creates them. In what way do you need to be reborn?

      Judgement's Advice


      • Freshen your relationship by taking advantage of opportunities to reinvent yourself (and each other).
      • Swap roles.
      • Seek out entertainment you would normally avoid.
      • Shatter habits and breath new life into your partnerships.
      • What you learn in the process could be a wake-up call for you both.


      • If something or someone is holding you back, it's time for a "Come to Jesus Meeting" -- a time to air dirty laundry, read someone the riot act, or say out loud what, to this point, has only been said in private.
      • Identify the problem and eliminate it before the decay spreads to other efforts.
      • If things are going well, use this as an opportunity to define why, so you can replicate your success elsewhere.


      • With a shock, we realize the impermanent nature of this world.
      • Use this sudden insight to your advantage.
      • Answer the trumpet call and reinvent yourself by refusing to cling to distractions.
      • Set aside your stumbling blocks and embrace transformation.

      Personal Growth

      • The assessments of others cannot impact your true value.
      • The only standard you must meet is being the very best version of yourself you can be.
      • Identify your next steps ... and take them.
      • Don't do this for others; do it for you.

      Fortune Telling

      • An old issue you thought was over will come up again today.
      • Get ready for huge changes: break-ups, sudden calls from old friends, and unexpected setbacks.
      • God's trying to get your attention.


      • Unexpectedly, if at all.

      Questions to ask

      • What is the main thing I need to realize about myself?
      • In what way might the universe be trying to get my attention?
      • If I were to reinvent myself, what would I become?

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      Parts of this page's description of the Judgement tarot card are taken from "A Guide to Tarot Card Meanings" by Mark McElroy.