Page of Pentacles

"I am physically and financially responsible."

XI: Page of Pentacles

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A young man motivated by his potential of attainment and ambition, by his desire of experience and promotion. First there are small steps together with discipline, inventiveness and cleverness he can build up things in the world and fulfill the needs of the body, the desire to care for oneself better. With time and careful work a wish can develop into something which might lead to something greater. He is practical and helpful if it serves his own purposes. Sometimes he is unaware of support and can't see the money which is available. It is a delicate beginning of recognition of the value of the material world and it must be nurtured and protected. But then the potential comes to fruition.
Inverse: Ruthless heartless achiever.



  • Learning the value of a dollar.
  • Starting a savings plan.
  • Taking the first steps toward getting out of debt.
  • Learning new physical tasks.
  • Discovering your sexuality.
  • Launching a diet, a weight-lifting program, or a health-related effort.
  • Learning by doing.
  • Shadow

    • Trying to appear healthier or wealthier than you really are.
    • Spending money carelessly.
    • Living strictly for today, with no thought of tomorrow.
    • Possessing immature attitudes toward sex and sexuality.
    • Using wealth or beauty as an excuse for not having to learn and grow.
    • Symbolism

      Awkwardness and Silliness

      The RWS Page of Pentacles romanticizes his Pentacle, holding it like a treasured bauble. This suggests a degree of impracticality; how might this quality play a role in your situation?

      Earthiness vs

      Inexperience. The Page of Pentacles combines the practicality of Pentacles with the awkwardness of a Page. The result is someone who longs for more financial or sexual skill then he or she actually possesses. Sound familiar?

      Learning by Doing

      A little preparation in advance of a task can eliminate distraction and limit the potential for disaster. Just remember: once the action starts, you're committed!

      The Marseilles Image

      In many versions of the Marseilles image, the Page of Pentacles gazes romantically at the Coin in his hand, but is oblivious to an identical Coin on the ground before him. How might enthusiasm or inexperience be blinding you to more practical alternatives?

      Page of Pentacles' Advice


      • Don't rush into sexual situations that make you uncomfortable or that push your limits.
      • Give a relationship time to flourish before opening a joint checking account.
      • Lending money is a sure way to poison friendships and relationships.
      • Before starting something new, ask "What's in this for me?"


      • Accepting lower pay as a means of gaining experience makes sense when starting your career, but experienced workers should view such arrangements with skepticism.
      • Know what you're worth.
      • Look for opportunities to learn while doing.
      • Subject all work to the practicality test.


      • Consider what role your faith should play in making financial and sexual decisions.
      • To what extent would your financial or sexual activity differ if you were not on your current spiritual path?
      • Your body is a precious gift; treat it as such.
      • Keep material blessings in perspective.

      Personal Growth

      • Whatever our station in life, we can always be better stewards of the blessings we've received.
      • Do old habits threaten your health?
      • Set them aside.
      • Today, make a point to take special care of whatever you've been given.

      Fortune Telling

      • This card represents a young man or woman with an earthy, practical demeanor, likely born an Aries, Taurus, or Gemini, who playfully encourages you to take financial or sexual risks.


      • Between March 21st and June 20th.

      Questions to ask

      • How can you get more financial or sexual experience without risking your livelihood or health?
      • How might hands-on learning play a role in your situation?
      • What's the most practical choice you could make?

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      Parts of this page's description of the Page of Pentacles tarot card are taken from "A Guide to Tarot Card Meanings" by Mark McElroy.