The Major Arcana

Follow the fool on his journey through the tarot

Most tarot decks contain 78 cards. The first 22 of these make up the Major Arcana, or "Trump", cards. Each of the 22 cards of the Major Arcana have a title, picture and number assigned to them, and are said to tell part of the story of the Fool's Journey.

Follow, here, the Fool on his journey from absolute innocence and naivety, through the Trumps which each represent one of the 22 different energies acting upon us as we make our journey.


The Fool

The Main Character as the story begins, unaware of complications to come. Learn More ›


The Magician

Consciously or unconsciously, the main character receives or controls a resource that holds the key to the story's primary challenge. Learn More ›


The High Priestess

An unexpected event contains seeds of discord with potential to disrupt the main character's everyday world. Learn More ›


The Empress

A motherly or nurturing figure reminds the main character of the core values that are the essence of his or her character. Learn More ›


The Emperor

A stern figure seeks to control or restrain the main character by reminding him or her of responsibilities and obligations. Learn More ›


The Hierophant

A skilled advisor or capable initiate teaches the main character the secrets he or she needs to succeed. Learn More ›


The Lovers

The main character encounters a love interest or must choose between love and doing what is right. Learn More ›


The Chariot

With an eye toward solving the story's central problem, the main character commits to a quest, usually at the end of the first act. Learn More ›



An event hints at the main character's hidden strength, which he or she will use (or choose not to use) to resolve the story. Alternatively, a physical or emotional weakness hinders the main character's progress. Learn More ›


The Hermit

On the verge of giving up, the main character withdraws, seeking clarity in isolation. He or she may receive advice from a wise person. Learn More ›


The Wheel

An unforeseen event, completely out of the main character's control, changes everything. Alternatively, decisions made in the past have unexpected present-day consequences. Learn More ›



During the main character's initial challenge, his or her ability, knowledge, or personal suitability is found to be lacking. Learn More ›


The Hanged Man

One of the main character's allies is discovered to be working secretly for the antagonist. Learn More ›



At the midpoint of the story, the main character believes all is lost. Alternatively, a helper or valued ally dies or is believed dead. Learn More ›



The main character learns to moderate impulses or habits that limit his or her ability to solve the story's central problem. Learn More ›


The Devil

The main character comes face to face with his or her adversary. Alternatively, the main character realizes that his or her own perceptions or actions are the cause of the story's primary problem. Learn More ›


The Tower

In a moment of intense crisis, the main character apparently loses all. Alternatively, the utter setback at the end of act 2. Learn More ›


The Star

After the darkness, comes the dawn! Just as the situation looks completely bleak, the main character discovers a way to move forward. Learn More ›


The Moon

With nothing left to lose, the main character commits to a dangerous or unlikely course of action as part of a last-ditch effort to reach his or her goal. Learn More ›


The Sun

At the climax of the story, the main character is victorious. Learn More ›



Having earned a victory, the main character sees himself or herself differently. Alternatively, others see the main character in a new and flattering light. Learn More ›


The World

The main character lives happily ever after. Learn More ›

The Minor Arcana

As mentioned above, most tarot decks contain 78 cards with the first 22 making up the Major Arcana. The remaining 58 cards are referred to as the Minor Arcana, and are divided into four suits. The cards of the Minor Arcana are generally seen to represent day-to-day issues that occur in life. Each of the four suits represent a separate area of your life, and will suggest where to direct guidance when you find them in a reading.

The suits are each divided into 14 cards. The first of the cards are numbered from Ace through 10, and the remaining 4 cards, known as "Court Cards", include the Page, Knight, Queen and King.

Suit of Wands

Creativity & passion - Wands represent ideas and innovation, and an entrepreneurial spirit
Learn more about the Wands ›

Suit of Cups

Matters of emotion, love, feelings, and dreams
Learn more about the Cups ›

Suit of Swords

The mind & intellect - Swords cut to the heart of matters
Learn more about the Swords ›

Suit of Pentacles

The physical & material world - health, finances, work, and creativity
Learn more about the Pentacles ›

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