Suit of Cups

Matters of emotion, love, feelings, and dreams

The cards in the Suit of Cups connect to situations and events of an emotional nature. They are associated with love, our feelings, dreams and matters of the heart. The elemental sign of the Suit of Cups is water. Additionally, cups were the symbol of the clergy in feudal times, and thus cup cards can also be interpreted as having to do with spiritual or religious matters.


Ace of Cups

The Main Character meets a love interest or discovers his or her true calling. Learn More ›


Two of Cups

The Main Character improves his or her lot by joining with likeminded others. Learn More ›


Three of Cups

The Main Character's actions show how he or she really feels. Learn More ›


Four of Cups

For right or wrong, the Main Character refuses to re-evaluate his or her feelings about an important person or issue. Alternatively, the Main Character suffers from boredom. Learn More ›


Five of Cups

Shocked by loss, the Main Character considers giving up the quest. Alternatively, the Main Character's judgment is distorted by memories of loss. Learn More ›


Six of Cups

Defying conventional wisdom, the Main Character lends his or her support to a hopeless cause. Learn More ›


Seven of Cups

The Main Character is hindered by unreasonable expectations or unfounded fears. Alternatively, the Main Character insists on remaining true to his or her original vision. Learn More ›


Eight of Cups

The Main Character finds his or her everyday life suddenly unrewarding. The Main Character sets off to find his or her destiny. Learn More ›


Nine of Cups

The Main Character expresses supreme confidence. Alternatively, the Main Character completes a task, but is denied the promised payment. Learn More ›


Ten of Cups

The Main Character finds himself or herself in a relationship more fulfilling or intense than expected. Learn More ›


Page of Cups

The Main Character has a "fish out of water" experience, leaving him or her feeling uncertain and awkward. Learn More ›


Knight of Cups

Prompted by strong emotion, the Main Character launches into action. Learn More ›


Queen of Cups

The Main Character plays on sympathy to gain an advantage, or uses love, sex, or affection to gain cooperation. Learn More ›


King of Cups

The Main Character must suppress or control an emotional response in order to complete a difficult task. Learn More ›

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